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About Us

We are a press release website dedicated to offering our audience top-quality news surrounding the political and social sphere of the world. After buying the domain name irq4all.com, we established our first digital press house in January 2020. Ever since, we have dedicated our time and effort to building long-lasting relationships with our readers and audience.

We release frequent press statements on our website. We consistently stay in tune with trends and news, and we are almost always the first press release platform to post breaking news and news updates.

We also organize exclusive interviews with industry experts and gain insider perspectives on many important issues. Our journalistic efforts are praised by many organizations and many critics regard us as a ‘prolific news house with intelligent minds.’

Our Vision Statement

  •  To become a leading press release website in the United States and worldwide.
  • To continue to serve our audience with high-quality news, exclusive interviews, and journalistic research articles.
  • To remain independent—free of all political encumbrances, by practicing only independent journalism.

Our Mission Statement

  • To grow into a globally renowned online press release platform.
  • To build a team where everyone is treated fairly, and the top tier team members are held accountable just as much as every other team member within the company.
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